About Us


We are glad to greet you and we shall tell you about us with great pleasure.

We are for a healthy life, health in general, for prevention of all diseases and high-quality treatment. On our website, you will always find support and discover the most useful food supplement (nutraceuticals), as well as safe and effective pharmaceutical products which were tested by specialists and time.

Pharmaceutical industry is moving ahead every second. Every day, the best specialists are conducting development according to over-growing needs of existing and prospective clients. Our company is not an exception. We always improve our products and use every opportunity to create a new, maximum useful product for you. We are always looking for perfection.

Edelpharma represents unique compositions and technologies of production of Nutraceutical and pharmaceutical products. Our company’s activities are development of compositions and technologies of production of biological active supplements and pharmaceutical products in the form of pills, capsules, syrup, and solutions. The main component of our Nutraceutical products is Resveratrol.

Contract manufacturing of final product from high-grade stock according to the standard GMP, presented on this website with respect to your wishes including manufacturing of products with your design of labels and packing.

Edelpharma is full service with only the best specialists and facilities on each stage. We are open to any collaboration and appreciate your opinion. That is why we shall answer all your questions with great pleasure. For your accommodation, we regularly update information on our website and announce all new products and technologies, which could be interesting for you.

You can contact us through e-mail or telephones, which are on the website.

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