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A food supplement of herbal origin.  For liver regeneration, detoxification and gastrointestinal protection. Recommended for liver regeneration especially in cases of fatty liver, of chronic alcohol abuse, after use if strong medicines( antibiotic, immuno-suppressive, immuno-modulator, cytostatic), poisoning, or the other toxin  stress.


(synergistic blend of active compounds from 6 purified extracts of Chinese and Indian plants)



·         Anti-viral prevention.

-       anti-inflammatory and anti-mutagenic properties, supports immune response.


·         Protects against fatty liver (fatty liver as a consequence of obesity is very common)

-       due to anti-inflammatory and anti-oxidant properties


·         Helps in treatment of liver cirrhosis (a consequence of liver inflammation and fatty liver is very often caused by chronicle alcohol abuse)


·         Supports treatment after use of strong medicines, poisoning or toxin stress

-       anti-inflammatory and anti-oxidant properties support liver regeneration


·         Support treatment of psoriasis and other skin afflictions (eczema)

-       due to anti-inflammatory and anti-microbial properties


·         Relieve of chronic gastrointestinal problems (Crohn´s disease, colitis)

-       due to anti-inflammatory properties


·         Colon cancer protection

-       due to anti-inflammatory, anti-mutagenic and cell growth regulating properties


·         Anti-allergic properties, asthma and COPD relief

-       anti-inflammatory properties, supports immune response


·         Possible use as a supplemental treatment in Hepatitis (even Hepatitis C)

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