Eucapil® 2 boxes

Eucapil® 2 boxes
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2 boxes

EUCAPIL® is manufactured and licensed in the EU (European Union) as a cosmetic product.
EUCAPIL® has been tested in a 12 month study by a university dermatology clinic. Daily use of EUCAPIL® has demonstrated efficacy in the majority of users, and safety in all.
When to begin using EUCAPIL®?
EUCAPIL® curtails thinning hair and helps to stop hair loss, while its efficacy in restoring hair growth depends upon the viability of the hair follicles.
As time passes, and the degenerative changes of hair loss take place in the follicles, renewed hair growth becomes uncertain.
The length of the normal hair growth cycles 3-8 years, or variably shorter for people with androgenetic alopecia. Results will depend upon the length of usage and condition of the hair follicles.